Customized Paint Your Pet Event Painting

  • 2 hours 30 minutes long
  • Ages 18 & up
  • Promo codes/Vouchers not accepted for this event

$50 per person
Sold Out

Paint Your Pet: Capture your beastie's best side

This is a customized “PAINT YOUR PET" event at one of Savannah's greatest breweries... Southbound! So PAWesome ;) I will first sketch out your furbaby in pencil onto the canvas before the event. NO signing up the day of event. Only one pet per canvas.

*** PET PHOTOS SHOULD BE OF YOUR PET ONLY, NOT IN A GROUP SHOT OR WITH YOU.  I will only sketch your pet.  One pet only.  If you have more than one pet, buy a ticket for a friend/family member to come paint your other pet with you! Photo needs to please be close-up and COLOR photos will allow us to give you the best sketch to paint. If your photo is bad quality or blurry, I will e-mail for a new, better photo!

*** Plan on 2-3 hours for this event. 

*** Due to the effort it will take to create your personalized pet sketch you will paint, NO COUPONS allowed or NO REFUNDS issued.

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Paint Nite is invading bars and restaurants near you with everything you need to create a one-of-a-kind painting. We’ll guide you and your friends through two lively hours of creativity, drinking, and laughing ‘til your cheeks hurt. The best part? You don’t have to be an artist to have an amazing time.

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• Please arrive 15-30 minutes prior to start time, especially if you have a large group. This will secure seating with your friends and allow you to order your drink before the event begins. 

•  No food or drink is included with your ticket price, and must be purchased at the restaurant. Please note: This is NOT A BYOB event. An amazing, local food truck is usually at the venue during our events so come hungry and thirsty!

• Must be 18+ to enter event and 21+ to purchase alcohol. This is an adult drinking and painting party. I apologize but no children or anyone under 18 allowed. If you are 20 years of age or younger, you must stand 10 feet away from the bar at all times. 

•  Help keep your artist from becoming a starving one - tips are not required, but appreciated!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

♥ You guys rock and thank you so much for the love, laughter, fun and support over the years! Let’s keep em’ coming & always #DrinkCreatively ♥

Love, Paint Nite Savannah!

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A photo of a Yaymaker Venue called Southbound Brewing Co. located in Savannah, GA
Southbound Brewing Co.

Southbound Brewing Company is the first production microbrewery located in Savannah, Georgia. Southbound launched our first brew in the state in mid May 2013. We aspire to become the most innovating and exciting yet. By bringing the American beer revolution to Savannah's back door, we hope to cater to the tastes of the South by tantalizing your taste buds and keeping things interesting!