Paint Nite: Golden Sundown

  • Mon · Jul 27 11:30 pm Africa/Abidjan
  • Virtual Venue
    Hosted from: Davenport, IA
  • Ages 21 & up
  • Language: English

$15 per person

The Original Paint Nite: Unleash your inner artist

For those who want to try something new in the comfort of your home (and kill some boredom), we bring you the Virtual Paint Nite! In this new twist on the Original Paint Nite, you can enjoy the experience you know and love right from your house, and still have the banter of an in-person event.

For this event, you will need the usual Paint Nite set up, your own brushes, acrylic paint, and canvas (or whatever you would like to paint on). We also recommed a cup of water to keep your brushes wet or rinse of paint, and some paper towels for wiping off your brushes and potential spills!

Grab a snack, and hop on to our live video streaming service. Our expert hosts will then walk you through how to make your unique masterpiece!

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Host Reviews

2 out of 5 (5 reviews)
Verified Paint Nite Guest

The painting was canceled due to not enough people when there was no minimum listed. I would've gladly tipped her as I've been waiting to do this painting. Now it's postponed more than a week away. She offered a free painting that night but I wanted to do

Verified Paint Nite Guest

Talented and nice instructor. The picture was very pretty. It would have been helpful to hear some of the brush techniques she was using a bit more. She did a nice job explaining the mixing of colors though. It was a bit hard to hear her talk a couple time

Verified Paint Nite Guest

Great personality! Very reassuring.

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