Paint Nite: H.O.M.E

  • 2 hours long
  • Ages 18 & up

$10 per person

The Original Paint Nite: Unleash your inner artist

Bring your on supplies and paint from home! Supplies needed: Canvas or other surface to paint on ( We use a 16x20 canvas) Acrylic paint White Black Red Yellow Blue Brushes Flat brush about 1in Smaller flat brush Medium Round brush Small round brush for fine detail Paper towels or rag Cup for paint water Newspaper or something to cover work space Easel (optional) Smart phone, tablet, or laptop/computer

Your location

A photo of a Yaymaker Venue called Virtual Event located in Wichita, KS
Virtual Event

Virtual Event! Join in the fun from your home!

Your host

Yaymaker Host Olivia Jackson located in Wichita, KS

I love all forms of art and have been painting and crafting as long as I can remember! Getting to teach something I am so passionate about is an amazing experience. People have no idea what they can do until they are shown and a little liquid courage never hurts! Unless you fall down... That would hurt. The main thing I want guests to know is even if your stick figures look like they have been in a wood chipper or you burn yourself anytime you are in the same room as a hot glue gun YOU CAN STILL DO THIS!! We are judgement free and here for a good time all we need is you!