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Infused Kreyol

About this venue

Infused Kreyol is a new family owned restaurant located in Downtown Malden.  The restaurant was influenced by the family’s unique mixture of cultures and their love for international travel. Infused Kreyol’s founders, Dominique and Daniella Zephyr-Gutierrez recognized the need for a new type of Upscale Haitian Restaurant in the area which is non-existent in Malden.  It’s goal is to attract a large range of people of all ages and nationalities, where they can enjoy a cool atmosphere with great Caribbean food. Infused Kreyol’s menu is unique with a representation of dishes infused with Kreyol herbs and spices.

With a long time interest in cooking and traveling, the Twins partnered with their family to set out to launch this new restaurant.  They have been very successful with their company “Twins & Friends” and decided to take a turn in a different direction and work on a long time passion with their family.  This endeavor was launched with a commitment to do things well at a high standard. The Family is striving to be unique and different in this restaurant market. Think of them as being outside of the box.

A photo of a Yaymaker Venue called Infused Kreyol located in Malden, MA