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Wachusett Mountain

About this venue

Welcome painters! Coming with a group? Yay how fun! Let the restaurant host know you are with Paint Nite so you can check in with the artist and save your seats as soon as you arrive. We encourage you to order food and drinks during your event, as we will have a designated server when the event starts. If you would like a full sit down meal, prior to painting, please give yourselves plenty of time to eat in the diningroom and let your server know right away that you are with Paint Nite to ensure that you arrive on time. Please check in with your artist BEFORE start time as a courtesy to all guests and staff.

The food options are:

The Black Diamond Restaurant- pub style dining serving lunch and dinner (full service)  

The Coppertop Bar- variety of beer and cocktails with food menu (full service)

The Café- breakfast, lunch, dinner options (serve yourself)

The event itself will be in the Maple Room suite upstairs past the Black Diamond Restaurant.

There will be a bar in the room for YAYmaker customers as well as a server for any food order while in the event.

We can't wait to party with you at Yaymaker!!

A photo of a Yaymaker Venue called Wachusett Mountain: O'Brien's Grill located in PRINCETON, MA