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Kids chunky blanket workshop

  • Ages 18 & up
  • 2 hours
  • Language: English

$15 per person10 tickets remaining!


Making Blankets with Chelsea! Let's get crafty the creative way!

Go through the regular check out process, and take a look below at supply recommendations. Buy them online at the links below, use your own, or support a nearby local business. Instructions for joining your live virtual event will be emailed directly to you. There you’ll get step-by-step instructions and a friendly face from the Yaymaker community bringing creativity straight to your screen. It couldn’t be easier! If you have any issues logging onto your show, please reach out to Dvargas@yaymaker.com at least one hour before your event. 

Say bye-bye to bored days at home and hello to Yaymaker Fun!

All supplies can be found at your local craft store or on amazon and you will need at least 5 skeins (rolls) of the yarn



Your host

Yaymaker Host Chelsea Brown

Chelsea is a self-taught everything artist and compulsive crafter, whose tools of the trade range from bits of wool and string, to old scraps of fabric and magazines, wire and tape, lotsa hot glue…Oh, and buttons (she is an avid collector of buttons). If she’s not drawing or painting, she is probably busy making cute things to wear on her head. Aside from battling hot glue burns and sewing machine malfunctions, daily activities include: watching cartoons, hula hooping, reading such-and-such medieval fantasy series, and hanging out with her stuffed animals. She is a Hello Kitty enthusiast, enjoys wandering around aimlessly with no destination (maybe in costume?), and is a karaoke WIZARD. In summation: A big kid trapped in an adult person’s body (it’s true, just ask her mom)…And she is so excited to paint with you ☺  

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