Blackthorn Restaurant & Irish Pub

  • 651 N. Michigan Ave
    Kenilworth, NJ 07033

About this venue

Blackthorn is often associated with Warriors in Celtic Legends as a sign of strength.

Blackthorn is traditionally used in magic as protection from Evil. It dispels negativity and toxins. In the Oracles, if you pulled a blackthorn card it was said to give you strength and perseverance in times of adversity.

The wood of the Blackthorn tree is traditionally used in Ireland to make shillelaghs, a strong walking stick for the weak. We like to think of Blackthorn Restaurant and Irish Pub as your own shillelagh to use when the burden of life overcomes your strength. Like the shillelagh, Blackthorn will always support your weight providing a “home away from home”.

Like the history of the Blackthorn tree, we provide exceptional hospitality to those who visit our restaurant and bar. In Ireland, the Blackthorn tree is a haven for birds to find protection within the thorny branches of the tree. We integrate this idea through our friendly guest services and comforting ambience which is complimented with our delicious dishes and stiff drinks.

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