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About this venue

Humdingers has fun for all! Paint NIte and Plant Nite will be added to the monthly lineup activities at Humdingers! Humdingers is a great location for friends night out, date night, ladies night, family night! They offer multiple in house activities including, bowling, lazer tag, batting, games, food service, trivia and more! Humdingers has a wine bar that is exclusive to Hopewell Valley! Bottles may be purchased for event! All patrons drinking at Humdingers must order food prior to drinking. 

BYOB GUIDELINES You may bring your own beer or wine only. No hard liquor, liquors, spirits or any other alcoholic beverages. This rule is strictly enforced. No coolers allowed. Please hand our staff your beverages upon entering our front desk area. Your packages will be placed in our back bar cooler labeled with your name. Once seated and you have ordered food, you are permitted to have your BYOB. We will give you an opener/corkscrew as needed, bucket with ice with your bevs in it, and cups if desired. You may only obtain your BYOB after food has been ordered at the lanes or in the cafe. HUMDINGERS DOES SELL WINE BY THE BOTTLE! MUST PURCHASE FOOD PRIOR TO OPENING. 

A photo of a Yaymaker Venue called Humdingers- LATE NITE PAINT NITE ! located in Paramus, NJ