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Beginnings Bar and Restaurant

About this venue

A good meal or a perfectly poured drink, like a good book, can nourish the soul. And it's arguable that no profession loves a good libation more than the writer. As an ode to some of the greats (who may have polished off a bottle of liquor before a bottle of ink), we introduce Beginnings, a literary, culinary experience in Atlantic Beach, NY. The concept was created by husband and wife team Ben and Heather Freiser. Ben, a long time restaurateur and caterer, and Heather, an editor and television producer, wanted a place that would reflect their personalities and interests.

The Cuisine: This attention to detail is also seen in the menu. Chefs David Bryer and Nicholas Marziotto have carefully considered every element of the menu, which contains a mixture of light bar bites and salads, melt in your mouth hand-rolled pasta and a gorgeous 64oz tomahawk steak. There is truly something for every palate. The full menu, broken down with distinctions such as “Prologue,” “Melville’s Corner,” and “Editor’s Side Notes.” can be found here on our site, and we're always adding specials!  

The Drinks: Beverage Director Stephen Magliano’s culinary career has been inextricably linked to literature. His love for Kerouac first fueled wayward, youthful rambles across the country, and along the way, the bar became both second home and benefactor. He read good drinkers, like Hemingway, Faulkner, Bukowski. He drank good drinks. He taught literature. He made good drinks. He has been both practitioner and educator in spirits, wine and all things cocktail, as well as a featured performer in The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s MetFridays series.

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