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Brew SA Brewing Company

  • 180 Woodcleft Ave
    Freeport, NY 11520

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Our Story

BrewSA began as a simple idea:  Produce a truly All American Beer that tastes great.  Unlike 'American-Made' beer companies that have since sold out to foreign interests.  Think about what we once knew to be mass produced USA beer?  Can they still call themselves that?  So the concept of BrewSA was born.

With the company based in the New York Metro area, our first beer operations were to be produced out of the Midwest.  After planning for the better part of a year and establishing the foundation for our company, we started the actual 'beer work' by creating the perfect recipe for our Signature BrewSA Lager.  We sought out the finest ingredients across the nation.  From there we contracted a brewery in Wisconsin to produce our blend.  The beer was brewed, bottled and packaged. (And yes, even the bottles, caps, labels and cardboard cases came from the USA).

As our lone beer recipe was being produced in WI, we were hard at work back home establishing relationships with local vendors, distributors, wholesalers and of course getting the message out to consumers that a new Craft Beer was about to hit the market.  With our distribution contracts in place, cases of beer started to be shipped to the North East for resale and consumption.  Across various bars, pubs and restaurants around the Metro & Tri-State area, the first palates were being satiated!   Barrel after barrel, case after case, truckload after truckload, BrewSA became a reality.

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