Plant Nite: Grief Never Takes a Holiday Come DIY with Modern Loss and 1-800-Flowers

  • 1 hour 30 minutes long
  • Ages 21 & up
  • Food & drink included with ticket

$45 per person
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Plant Nite: Dig, drink and be merry

The holidays are a joyous time for many of us, but bitter to bittersweet in the wake of losing someone you love. Prioritize an evening of 'you time' before the season picks up by creating your own hanging globe and chatting with others familiar with the feeling of loss that the holidays can trigger. A candid conversation about navigating grief and practicing self-care during the holiday season will be led by Rebecca Soffer, co-founder of Modern Loss. Light refreshments and drinks will be served. Dig in for two lively hours of planting and create something beautiful and new out of what we have lost.

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Private Venue - 1-800-Flowers

Join Modern Loss and 1-800-Flowers for a special Plant Nite event.