CocuSocial Flavors of Northern Italy

  • Mon · Jun 01 10:00 pm Africa/Abidjan
  • Virtual Venue
    Hosted from: Virtual, NY
  • Ages 18 & up
  • Language: English

$20 per person


This event is in partnership with CocuSocial, the leading platform for culinary experiences.

Join Chef Michele from her Cape Cod kitchen as she takes you on a virtual foodie retreat to Milan, in Northern Italy. Our hostess with the mostess, Chef Michele, invites you into her home to teach you how to prepare your very own delicious themed meal, perfect for when it's that time to host your friends and family in-person again.

In this fun and interactive virtual cooking class, you will learn how to create an aperitivo, antipasto, and main entree. Before diving in to cook, our chef will guide you through making a classic Negroni so the night can begin with a proper "Salud". Have a drink while you're cooking or save some for dinner (we recommend both!).
Next on the menu is a Ricotta Crostini, where you will actually learn to make the Ricotta cheese from scratch. All you will need equipment wise to make your own ricotta, is a cheese cloth or mesh strainer! It's a simple yet satisfying recipe to have on hand for future dinner parties, or cocktail hours. Then for the main event, Chicken Milanese alla Piccata, a flavorful chicken dish made with staple ingredients.
You will receive an email with the equipment and ingredients list. However, the main ingredients required to participate along with the chef include: gin, vermouth, bitter liqueur, whole milk, lemon juice, salt, pepper, herbs or dried spices, Italian bread, olive oil, boneless chicken breast, flour, breadcrumbs, eggs, butter, onion, stock, white wine, and capers.
Prepare your mis-en-place ahead of the session, and let’s get cooking together! 

Ingredient List

Your host

Yaymaker Host Billy Guan

CocuSocial is partnering with Yaymaker to offer a curated list of online culinary experiences including cooking, baking and cocktail making classes. CocuSocial is the leading platform for culinary experiences currently offered in 15 cities and online. CocuSocial's mission is to bring people together through interactive and informative food and drink experiences.

Host Reviews

5 out of 5 (7 reviews)
Verified Cooking Guest

Host was fantastic! She was put in the difficult situation where no one had received the ingredients and equipment from yaymaker, but handled it very well.

Verified Baking Guest

She was amazing!! She didn't rush anything about this recipe. Even as people were joining it didn't stop her from moving on with the recipe and making sure the new people read the steps that had been done so far. Throughout the session she checked in with

Verified Baking Guest

She was super patient, very knowledgeable and easy to follow. Great chef!

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