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About this venue

Denae Manion is experienced in watercolor, acrylic, oil, ink, graphite and other multiple mediums. Denae’ has been teaching art in our community since 2012, working with schools, community resource educators and through other local businesses.

She has been painting, drawing and sharing art experiences with those around her all her life. Through opportunities in her community, Denae has continued to grow and share the techniques and wonder of art. She has taught formally as an activities coordinator for the elderly, in Oregon public schools, and community-based organizations. Denae is known for her natural talent, ability to connect with students and being able to inspire confidence in the otherwise doubtful.

 Denae also works as a freelance artist for the national Paint and Sip organization “Paint Nite”. She has been recognized several times on the national scale for her ability to teach Art through “Paint Nite Inc”. A few of her commissioned works have been a worldwide success. Further motivating her to connect with ones around her through art and creative endeavors.

Denae’s Success in teaching has always left her audience wanting more. Manion Studios is proud to be able to offer more involved and detailed classes, community space, and resources to create. Through skill building lessons, crafty messes, and the ever-popular Paint Nite experience, she will be guiding her peers and students to excel and improve in their own personal growth as artists and visionaries.

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