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Paint Nite: Hope is like a lighthouse

  • Ages 13 & up
  • 2 hours
  • Language: English

$15 per person

The Original Paint Nite: Unleash your inner artist

 Well, helllooooo!  

I'm Emerald, and I'm excited to create this Lighthouse painting, from right here in my hometown of PENNSYLVANIAAA! This is a BYOS LIVE, VIRTUAL event (Bring Your Own Supplies), so you'll need: *DRUMROLL PLEASE*

Canvas: we'll be using a 12x12, but use whatever works for you!

Acrylic paints: White, Blue, Black and Yellow (but feel free to bring your own unique colors into the mix).

Paint brushes: Large flat, medium flat and a small detail/small round brush

Paint palette/Paper plate

Cup of water for rinsing brushes

Paper Towel or cloth to dry your brushes

Step-by-step Instructions for joining your live virtual event will be e-mailed to you.  See you in class! =)           

Your host

Yaymaker Host Emerald Hill located in PHILADELPHIA, PA

Greetings! I'm Emerald, and I can't wait to paint with you!  Being a mommy, food, art and candles are my LIFE! Back in 2013, I officially entered the wonderful world of.. *drumroll please* acrylic painting!  I've always been a creative soul and have enjoyed panting, drawing, candle-making, writing poetry, writing short fiction stories and graphic designing throughout life.  With over two years of hosting experience, (which is by far one of my favorite thing because it allows me to meet unique and HI-LARIOUS people), I've brought my hosting online! *cues the confetti cannons* I love to laugh and have a great time. I love making sure others have a great time. I also love to build confidence and bring out the best in you which is why I'm so excited to connect and start creating with new artist friends like you! =)   

Host Reviews

4.5 out of 5 (26 reviews)
Verified Paint Nite Guest

She was friendly, knowledgable and helpful while creating my artwork. I felt I produced a pretty good piece for someone with no experience

Verified Paint Nite Guest

She was Terrific! A wonderful way to lay during Covid! Thank You for the opportunity! Look forward to doing another one soon!

Verified Paint Nite Guest

Great energy and personality

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