Paint Nite: Spring Blossoms

  • 2 hours long
  • Ages 21 & up

$35 per person

The Original Paint Nite: Unleash your inner artist

The Original Paint Nite: Unleash your inner artist


No experience required! Just follow along while our Social Painting Instructor guides you step-by-step through the featured painting in about two hours.  If you’re feeling creative, change the colors to suit your décor or go completely rogue.  We provide all the painting supplies: a 16”x20” canvas, acrylic paint, brushes, smock, music, and a good time.  

Come out early to enjoy drinks before we get started, just let them know you’re with Paint Nite.  Secure your seats 45 minutes before start time, especially if part of a large group. Drinks are available for purchase from the venue and NOT included in the ticket price. NO BYOB. 

Events are for adults, 21+ only.

WARNING: Paint Nite events are held at bars and restaurants and are for adults 21 and over because of the use of profanity, adult content, and because of the drinking atmosphere. Our motto is 'Drink Creatively' - Please be advised that there is no intent to offend but events are not suitable for anybody under the age of 21. Thank you! Have a great time.  

Help keep your artist from becoming a starving one - tips are appreciated.

Your location

A photo of a Yaymaker Venue called Piper Down Pub located in Salt Lake City, UT
Piper Down Pub

Piper Down is a classic Irish Pub located on State Street in Salt Lake City. They have a full bar, full menu, and many options for fun things to do. They offer karaoke, trivia, live music, and now Paint Nite every Monday night! The location has a nostalgic charm that brings me back to my Irish roots. Not to mention the staff is crazy nice and they can make a mean drink. Piper Down is one of the coolest bars in Salt Lake City and if you were to mention Piper Down to anybody that lives in Salt Lake they would know where it was, someone that worked there, and what nights were the best to go. Check them out here! Check out their menu: Check out their Facebook Page: Sunday: 10am–2am Monday: 11am–2am Tuesday: 11am–2am Wednesday: 11am–2am Thursday: 11am–2am Friday: 11am–2am Saturday: 10am–2am DO NOT park in the chinese food restaurant parking lot next door before 10pm because you will be towed. Street parking is the best way to go. 

Your host

Yaymaker Host Emma Goldgar located in Salt lake city, UT

“After classing it up for a number of years in southern France, Emma Goldgar and her family relocated to Salt Lake City to live life behind the Zion curtain. An artist since birth [much like the rest of us!], Emma has been intensely honing her craft over the last 8 years with a focus on oil nudes and dark, surrealistic portraits. Unable to open a jar of pickles and with a tendency to burn cold cereal, Emma’s true talents lie in capturing the beauty that escapes people in everyday life.  Her ability to take an idea and morph it into a painting that feeds the eyes and expresses the soul is why she has embraced art instruction as a potential career… and a substantial background in education and love of teaching has steered her onto that path with even greater persistence. Don’t be intimidated by how aggressively tall she is- her stature is dwarfed by the power of her infectious smile and her drive in life is to seek truth, beauty, and freedom. Like any other pseudo Bohemian, she will inspire you to want to find these things for yourself in your art and at the bottom of the next bottle of wine.” \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\n