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Clubhouse Is the Next Frontier of Social Selling

Want to learn how to make sales using Clubhouse? Yaymaker's Matt Rolnick has shared his experience using the social media tool of the moment, as well as his top tips to get you started. Read the full article on Built In.

Open for Business: Arts And Crafts Business Reimagines Itself Virtually

Anchor Natalie Pasquarella speaks to a local business partner, Tammy Tavarone, about how she has managed to stay open during the Covid-19 pandemic by reimagining events virtually; hosting them over zoom, and shipping needed supplies to customers. Watch Video.

How to Host a Virtual Night To Stay Connected With Your Friends
The premier platform for millennial women includes Yaymaker’s virtual events on their list of ways to stay connected while social distancing. The events allow you to chat with friends over a live stream while creating your project from home. Read More.

Step Up Your Desk Decor Game With a Homemade Terrarium
The lifestyle experts at Life&Style describe the exiting process of building a terrarium at Plant Nite events by Yaymaker. From choosing a contain to arranging plants and decorating, each finished terrarium is as unique as its creator.  Read More.

Guide to Team Building Activities in NYC
Tiffany explores how Plant Nite by Yaymaker and other creative, hands-on activities can encourage collaboration between coworkers and make for a better working environment. Read More.

Unique New York Activities
Raina visits Anchor Bar for a plant night with Yaymaker and Improv Asylum for experiences like no other. Watch Video.


Valentine’s Day: Tips for Crafting Gifts
Lifestyle expert Limor Suss stopped by to talk about crafting something special for your loved ones. Read More.

At Yaymaker Events, It’s About Experiences, Not Products
Somerville-based Paint Nite has rebranded itself as Yaymakers, featuring drone-making and candle crafting — part of an economy that values experiences, not just products. Read More.

35 Fun Team Building Activities
Coming up with fun team building activities for employees can be tricky, especially when typical team building activities tend to induce a chorus of groans and more eye rolls among employees than high-fives. Read More. 

Press for Original Paint Nite

A Brush and a Brew

Linda Ciampa takes a look at Paint Nite – a company that has hit on the right mix of creativity and socializing. Watch Video

How These Founders Turned Girls’ Night Out Into a $55 Million Business

Paint Nite set out to re-imagine girls’ night out. Along the way, it discovered that empowering local artists and entrepreneurs could pave the road to hearty sales. Read More

Business advice from some of America’s fastest-growing companies

The stats on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America read like they could be a typo: 640,000 jobs created over the past three years with a growth rate of 490 percent in that time frame. The 5,000 companies’ aggregate revenue was $200 billion in 2015. Read More 

Find an Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift for Every Budget

Paint Nite. It’s low-key and relatively inexpensive, and it can serve as a bonding experience if it’s your first time. Read More

From Hands to Heads and Heads to Hearts

No wonder one of the fastest-growing U.S. franchises today is Paint Nite, which runs paint-while-drinking classes for adults. Bloomberg Businessweekexplained in a 2015 story that Paint Nite “throws after-work parties for patrons who are largely lawyers, teachers and tech workers eager for a creative hobby.” Read More

Nightly Business Report: Inc 5000’s Top Companies (Paint Nite)

Highlights from the Inc 5000 Conference in San Antonio. WATCH VIDEO

These are the 10 Fastest-Growing Companies in America in 2016

You’ve heard of hockey-stick growth. These companies live it. Meet America’s 10 fastest-growing companies. Read More

How To Make Money In Trendy Businesses-And Survive When The Trend Ends

But the guys saw a way to tweak the concept: Their competitors all paid for costly studio spaces, so they launched Paint Nite, which instead hosts classes at local bars. READ MORE

How Paint Nite Expanded to 1,600 cities in Four Years

What began as Paint Nite the concept back in 2012 at Clery’s Bar in Boston’s Back Bay has ballooned into Paint Nite the empire just four years later. Read More

How Paint Nite is Saving the American Bar

Most startup creation myths involve seeing a solution to some horrifying problem no one else noticed. Not so for Dan Hermann and Sean McGrail…Read More

What’s Fun in 2017!

It’s trendier than ever to be artsy, thanks to the nationwide DIY movement that Pinterest spawned. Franchises such as Paint Nite have cropped up across the country, making painting a popular activity for birthday parties, bachelorette weekends and girls’ nights out. Read More

Alcohol -Fueled Artistry

Who said painting had to be a quiet and solitary activity? WGBH’s Edgar Herwick takes on Paint Nite. Watch video

Paint Nite Uses Google Apps to Create a Flexible Workplace

Paint Nite offers a different kind of nightlife experience. Guided by a local artist, our customers spend a few hours sipping cocktails and painting at a local bar. Read More

How Paint Nite Expanded to 1,600 Cities in 4 Years

Paint Nite, the company behind the popular guided, social painting events hosted at bars, isn’t really about artistry or even alcohol — it’s about fulfilling a largely untapped need for a social experience, according to CEO Dan Hermann. Read More

How to launch a business with just $10K

Inc. President and Editor-In-Chief Eric Schurenberg on how entrepreneurs can start a business for less than $10,000 and other startups that have made it big. Watch Video

Best-Ever Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

2 Passes to Paint Nite – Paint Nite is a fun night out with friends, where you create art over cocktails at a local bar or restaurant with a professional artist. Read More

Brushes and Beer: Paint Nite Inspiring People of Halifax to Drink Creatively

In pubs around Halifax, paint brushes are becoming as popular as a beer. Paint Nite Halifax sees bar patrons put brushes to canvas for a two-hour, artist-led social painting session. Read More

Paints and Pinot: Why Adults are Heading to Their Local Bars for Art Lessons

If you’ve got a Facebook account, chances are you’ve seen photos of your friends holding up works of art that they’ve painted, often with wine glass in hand. Read More

100 Cool Gifts Under $50 for Everyone on Your List

Paint Nite is the perfect girls’ night out – wine and a masterpiece to take home! Read More

Paint Nite Creating the Perfect Night Out for Some Winnipeggers

Looking for a way to find your creative side? How about trying a Paint Nite with friends and family. Paint Nite Winnipeg is one of 1400 cities taking part in five countries, that offer a two hour painting session with an instructor where you get to transform a blank canvas into an piece of art. Watch Video

Romance that Doesn’t Break the Bank

Get Creative at Paint Nite – Candle-lit dinners and decadent desserts are what we’ve all come to expect from Valentine’s Day, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box and take your date on a less conventional outing. Read More

Fun with Paint Nite! 

Grace Dawson, an instructor at Paint Nite, taught Dave how to complete a beautiful painting in less than 10 minutes. Watch Video

Paint Nite is a Party with a Little Paint Thrown In

Peppy music played in the brightly lit sports bar, and laughter and excited chatter resounded as the mostly female audience worked with their canvas and paints. Read More 

You are Entitled to a Creative Voice

Last week my dad posted pictures of a Paint Nite he went to at a local cafe. The photos looked like everyone was having a grand ole’ time, his painting was actually really cool. Read More

Patriot Rob Gronkowski Helped Celebrate Anniversary of Paint Nite

Gronkowski helped celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Boston-based Paint Nite.  Read More

Art Activity Aims for Adult Amateurs After Hours

“Take the idea of teaching a class and putting it – really fun – in a bar environment,” said Ariel Azani, owner of The Cupping Room Cafe in New York’s SoHo neighborhood. Read More

Painting Parties Mix Creativity and Cocktails

Some people view a paint party as a fun alternative to the dinner and a movie routine on a weekend night, said Mary Kate Prato, the Westchester manager of Paint Nite events. “Going out and drinking is fun, but doing something else while you drink is even more fun,” she said. Read More

Paint Nite Combines Art Lessons an Alcohol at Bars and Restaurants

The recipe is simple—take one part painting class, add one part bar, and shake. The result: a night of fun in which people paint their faces more often than the canvas. Read More

Cocktails and Canvas: Try Sipping Wine and Swirling Paint for Next R.I. Night Out

With paint-filled plates, mini easels and plastic tablecloths scattered everywhere, it looks like a 9-year-old’s birthday party is about to go down at Johnston’s Bishop Hill Tavern. Read More

Painting the Town: Painting Parties are Spreading Around Tampa Bay

Paint Nite, a company that offers sessions at bars and restaurants, began hosting events in Safety Harbor and Clearwater for the first time this month. Read More

Paint Nite Helps Singles Brush Up Against Other Art Lovers at New York City Bars

Paint Nite, the city’s hottest new happy-hour craze, mixes alcohol with art class in nightly acrylic-on-canvas lessons in bars across Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Read More

Press for Plant Nite

‘Plant and Sip’ Is the Activity Your Next Girls’ Night Out Needs

Catching up with friends over a cocktail or two is one thing, but when you add gardening to the mix? That’s the social event of the season, as far as we’re concerned. WATCH VIDEO

Plant Nite: Build-your-own terrarium events mix cocktails and creativity

Twice each month, a side room at Fox & Hound in Arlington Heights gets decked out with bright green tablecloths covered with troughs of dirt, buckets of rocks and water spritzers. READ MORE

Cocktails and a take-home terrarium? Sign us up!

The folks behind Paint Nite — the trendy “sip and paint” business, offering group painting lessons paired with wine — recently launched Plant NiteWATCH VIDEO

DIY Makers: Plant Nite

What blossoms when you mix dirt, plants, friends and cocktails? Plant Nite. WATCH VIDEO

How to Build the Terrarium of Your Dreams

We tapped Courtney Osgood of Plant Nite to come by and show us how to build a really dope terrarium of our own. WATCH VIDEO

Creative Happy Hour with Plant Nite

There’s a new trend taking root in bars and restaurants across the country. It’s called Plant Nite. Deco’s checking out the social night that lets you get your hands dirty and have a good time. WATCH VIDEO

Sips & Succulents: Plant Nites pair DIY mini gardens and drinks

If you’re ready to make the leap into houseplants but aren’t sure where to start, a fun, crafty option is to grab a friend and head to a Plant Nite. READ MORE

Teacher Gifts Under $25

Give your child’s teacher a chance to to relax and get crafty at Plant Nite. READ MORE

Have a drink, create a terrarium, socialize — at Plant Nite

Plant Nite offers fun and easy gardening events in Fresno

The fun gardening session was a Plant Nite event, which has been growing in popularity since the first one was held in Fresno in early January. READ MORE

Plant Nite sprouts in Richmond

A national pop-up party brand has put down local roots. Plant Nite, which pairs gardening and drinking by having patrons creatively pot plants while sipping a beer or glass of wine, hosted its inaugural Richmond shindig last month. READ MORE

Plants and Drinks Together at Last

Plant Nite gives you the opportunity to do some planting while enjoying your favorite alcoholic beverage. WATCH VIDEO

Have you heard of Plant Nite? 

I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with Paint NitePlant Nite, however, is a different activity in and of itself. Instead of painting a picture, Plant Nite goers create their very own terrariums! READ MORE

R.I ‘Plant Nite’ Combines Gardening, Cocktails

“When I say ‘Plant,’ you say ‘Night,’ ” host David Daykin tells the crowd, as he winds his way through the tables at Jimmy’s Saloon. As music blares, Daykin, microphone in hand, gets participants ready for the night’s events. “When I say ‘Drink,’ you say ‘Up,’ ” he says. READ MORE

Creative Nights Out: Plant Nite

New ways to have a fun night out and let your creative juices flow. Plant Nite is hitting bars and tapping into people’s green thumb. WATCH VIDEO

Dig this: Plant Nite and terrarium-making classes are taking root in bars

First came Paint Nite and the bar parties that blended cocktails and canvases. Now, the next nightlife trend taking root across the country involves getting your hands dirty over drinks by making mini gardens. READ MORE

Pub gatherings encourage creativity in designing terrariums

Launched last year by the founders of Paint Nite, a Boston business that licenses its painting classes at pubs worldwide, the guided-gardening spinoff reached Columbus-area bars in June. READ MORE

Gardening over cocktails: Twin Cities bars branch out with Plant Nite

Plant Nite, an offshoot of the Boston-based Paint Nite, has pivoted from pigments on palettes to dirt in planters. READ MORE

Plant Nite brings a green twist to your evening out

Put your green thumbs to use for a fun new way to enjoy a night on the town in Fresno. WATCH VIDEO