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Hi, my name is Hayley! I got my degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. Fresh out of college, I was determined to solve the nations health crisis with health education, but quickly realized how naive that was. Most of us know what to eat, we just don't know how to get it on our plates. So, I made a huge leap and began a healthy meal delivery service thereby ensuring that if you didn't have the time or skill to cook, you could still get a healthy meal. However, I had this nagging feeling that I wasn't helping to solve the nations health crisis, I was just a part of the problem. I was simply handing out fish to people who could not fish for themselves, and if I were to run out of fish, where would those people be? Not starving to death, they would be right back to the next most convenient option which is likely not to be healthy. And then, the worst happened- COVID hit and I had to shut down my meal delivery service leaving a whole lot of fish-less people who couldn't fend for themselves. I decided I had to do something if I wanted to make a real change, so I took the process of planning I used to run my meal delivery service and started teaching it to people. Today, I help people learn to meal prep at home in order to put hundreds of dollars back in their pockets, give them days back per year, and get them back to doing what they love in their free time! I am so excited to meet you and do some cooking together:) Hayley


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She moves a little fast at times

Verified Cooking Guest

She is very detailed and friendly

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