Yaymaker Host Larry DeRogatis #TeamNiteLife located in Plainfield, NJ

Larry DeRogatis #TeamNiteLife


  • Hosting since August 2016
  • 35 events hosted

 I guess you could say that my love for Art and Music started at the early age of 8 years old, when I used to spend Saturday mornings sketching the morning cartoons as I watched them. Around the same time in my life I was in awe of a Liverpool band called The Beatles. I developed a passion for the guitar, so my parents found me a local Jazz guitarist who would come to your house and give private instructions for $4 an hour! So I carried both of those passions all of my life. Always a pencil sketcher until one day seeing this Televison Artist paint these beautiful landscapes in no more than 30 minutes. Little did I know that i was going to be privileged and lucky enough to get to learn The Joy of Painting Style from Bob Ross and his son Steve, when I trained to be a certified Ross instruction in 1986. Having that under my belt I then got to study Floral painting from another great Television Artist Gary Jenkins! I work my weekday daytime job as a Computer Graphics Designer, on the weekends a few times a month you can catch me playing with my Jersey cover band “Overboard” and occasionally working as a personal trainer. I think I mostly enjoy watching people bring out their inner creativity that they never knew they had. and feeling of accomplishment while just enjoying a party night out.