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Yaymaker Host Lurissa Vander Ploeg #TeamMerlot located in Calgary, AB

Lurissa Vander Ploeg #TeamMerlot


  • Hosting since March 2018
  • 179 events hosted

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved art ! I was always very crafty and artistic, doodling my days away as a child in school ! Almost every piece of paper I had, had a doodle on it :) I’ve dabbled into all sorts of crafts, including Face/Body paint! I love to facepaint kids at all sorts of events and create full-body masterpieces on friends ! I always had what I like to call an ‘artistic itch’ where I just had to get my hands on something and create! Thanks to Paint Nite, I finally have the perfect outlet ! I’m so looking forward to seeing your personalities shine through your artwork, and can’t wait to ‘Drink Creatively’ with you all!