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Yaymaker Host Tiger Brooke located in Hood River, OR

Tiger Brooke


  • Hosting since April 2015
  • 95 events hosted

Tiger Brooke has a tiny house on wheels, and a day job as the Art Director of a small animation company in the Portland Metro area. She has more degrees than she can count, three of them in Engineering, two of them in Art, an MFA in Media that was stolen from the University Of Southern California, and a couple extras just for good measure. She has worked in the movies in Los Angeles, and on the stage in Portland. She sang on an international prog album that is popular in the Netherlands, and will be doing it again this year! 

Her art focuses on the medium of Stop Motion Animation and what that looks like when presented on the artist's stage. Most recently she was part of an installation where she built a human-scale stop motion puppet that was animated in a public space.

For more information on her current work, check out PortlyPigStudios.com.

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