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Tigh De Gazon


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After being a part of Paint Nite for several years, Tigh's wife was an instructor, he assisted at her events and of those of a mutual friend, and helping to manage it in London, Tigh is totally digging the fact that he is able to bring Plant Nite to the London area, aka The Forest City (how fitting right?!). Tigh did not always have a green thumb but watching his stepdad maintain a lavish and admirable garden in their backyard, while having a love of photography and taking pictures of it, and now having kids of his own, his daughter who loves to garden in their own yard, Tigh is ready to get his hands dirty with everyone in the 519 and 226.

Tigh went to school and studied Child and Youth Work and Education and feels that his experiences gained during those times have prepared him to de-escalate any mud slinging that may take place or share his own plant knowledge through differentiated instruction to his guests. Tigh often likes to be the centre of attention so having 25+ people watching his every move for hours a night is right up his alley... just don't let it go to his head. He's a social butterfly which fits great for fluttering around the venue while his guests create wonderful gardens and designs and hopes you're ready to get creative while we get succulent obsessed.

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