The Yellow Chilli

  • 7850 Beach Blvd
    Buena Park, CA 90620

About this venue


We cannot describe our story better that the article written by Priya Mishra from New York Times. It can be read here. (


Years ago, on the streets of Meerut, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor chanced upon yellow chili amidst a plethora of green and red chilies. As food connoisseurs are aware, Meerut is the melting pot of unique chaats. The special yellow chili spice mixes the chaatwalas use here adds that extra zing and brings together a confluence of flavors, aroma, and color. With one bite of the yellow chili, an idea was born. His restaurant, The Yellow Chilli came into being! The first Yellow Chilli was launched in 2001, and today there are around 80 (functional and upcoming included) outlets spread across India and abroad too.

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