Invite a Celeb to Your Virtual Corporate Event!

Invite a Celeb to Your Virtual Corporate Event!

Everyone could do with a little pick-me-up right now, which is why it’s the perfect time to hold a fun-filled virtual corporate event! And we have just the thing to make them even more memorable.

Yaymaker now has celebrity entertainment for you to add to your virtual social events! Whether you’re looking to invite someone for 5-minutes or 60-minutes, there’s an option to complement every occasion.

Picture hanging out with the likes of Brian Baumgartner (Kevin from The Office) or celebrity chef Stuart O’Keefe! We can make that possible with our virtual corporate events.

If your coworkers are suffering from Zoom fatigue, hop onto our celebrity infused team events—they’re just what the doctor ordered! 

Why are corporate social events important?

Socializing with your team outside of the usual work environment makes closer working relationships—be that in person or virtually. There’s no better way to break barriers and create a more efficient workflow.

Our virtual events are perfect for bringing everyone together, boosting morale, and getting everyone’s creative juices flowing. We understand that staying home can take a toll on your creativity, so we’ve found unique ways to get you pumped up and reinspired.

Why include an activity at your virtual event?

By now, we’ve all had virtual happy hours and warn out the group apps, so finding new entertainment suddenly makes video calls fun again. 

We have an activity for everyone to love! Whether you’d like to try our virtual Paint Nite, Yaymaker’s game show, Winning Opinions, or our much-loved Plant Nite. All experiences can be customized and include the option to add a celebrity guest. We’ll even send materials where needed!

If you want to give your employees something to look forward to, keep them engaged, and nurture client relationships, these interactive events are sure to do the trick. 

Give a unique twist with celebrity entertainment!

If you want celebrity entertainment for corporate events, you’re in the right place! We have different packages to suit every budget. So whether you’d like someone to jump in and share your company goals, host a trivia night, or even roast the boss, there are endless options you can tailor to suit your needs. 

For example, you could have Ian Ziering (Steve Sanders from the original Beverly Hills 90210) host a 90210 trivia night. Or invite Ice-T to rap your company highlights! Even the shortest of appearances can make your event that much more memorable.

Start planning your corporate event.

Want to make your 2020 corporate event one for the history books? Speak to Matt Rolnick to explore all your options, including which celebrities you can invite.

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