Elevate Your Intern Program with Yaymaker!

Transform your intern program with Yaymaker's dynamic intern events. Cultivate connections, enhance morale and forge unforgettable memories!

Elevate Your Intern Program with Yaymaker!

Intern events are huge for shaping the internship experience and adding to company culture. These events give interns the chance to really become a part of the company, make connections with their colleagues and learn skills that go beyond their regular tasks. 

Plus, when these events are well-planned, they show how much the company cares about developing talent and creating memories that interns will remember forever. It's a win-win situation that can even impact their future career choices.

Cue Yaymaker:

Yaymaker knows how to turn a regular event into something extraordinary. We have all kinds of fun, like painting sessions and trivia nights, designed to get people excited and inspired. Whether you're hosting an in-person or virtual event, Yaymaker will make sure it's an experience to remember.

Two women laughing in Yaymaker aprons holding hand crafted candles

Significance of Intern Events & Their Benefits

Intern events really help to shape the intern experience and add to a positive company culture. They’re like milestones during the internship journey, giving interns chances to become part of the company, connect with colleagues and get what the organization is all about.

Intern Orientations

Orientations share information, company culture, policies, and expectations. They’re great for reducing anxiety, setting a positive tone, and establishing clear expectations for the internship.

Welcome Events

Welcome events allow interns to meet the team, foster connections and create a sense of belonging, leading to stronger relationships and increased engagement.

National Intern Day

National Intern Day is a time to celebrate interns' contributions, showcase their projects and provide professional development opportunities. It’s a real morale booster demonstrating a business’ commitment to nurturing talent and investing in future leaders.

Farewell Events

Farewell events end the intern experience with a bang, showing your gratitude and acknowledging their accomplishments. Not only does this strengthen their ties to the company, but it also shows your dedication to building lasting relationships.

Needless to say, intern events bring endless benefits and provide valuable experiences that stick long after internships are over, and who knows? They might even open doors to future job opportunities as they move forward in their careers.

Planning a Successful Event

Group of friends holding finished Plant Nite planters from Yaymaker intern event

Several factors go into planning a successful event where everyone has a good time:

  • Budget Allocation: Determine how much money to set aside, considering expenses such as venue rental, catering and activities.
  • Logistics: Find a good space to host the event and arrange transportation if needed. Timeline Management: Create a detailed timeline and enough time for preparation, promotion and registration of attendees.
  • Engagement Strategies: Plan team-building exercises and networking opportunities to encourage a collaborative and inclusive environment.
  • Align Events with Company Culture and Values: Include elements that showcase diversity, inclusion and professional development. Emphasize teamwork, innovation and community involvement.

The Power of Yaymaker!

Adding Yaymaker to your intern program can really amp up your interns' overall experience and bring a fun and lively vibe to your company culture. With our thoughtfully curated range of activities, assistance, and expertise, there is reduced stress and a more memorable outcome.

Colleagues painting at Yaymaker Paint Nite event with host

Our Events

Yaymaker has all kinds of fun and exciting event ideas for your interns to enjoy, including (but not limited to):

  • Paint Nite: A fun-focused painting event led by a professional artist who will show you how to recreate your chosen painting.
  • Plant Nite: Make your own succulent terrarium with our selection of beautiful plants and decorations. Perfect for your desk!
  • Create a Ukulele: Build and decorate a ukulele and maybe even add time to learn a few chords. 
  • Trivia or fun games: Great for rolling into other events for added friendly competition!

See more.

We can also customize these events to match your company's themes, objectives and culture.

In-Person and Virtual Event Options

Yaymaker knows how to create successful and engaging experiences no matter where they take place. Whether online or in person, we promise your interns will have the same amount of fun.

Hosting your event together in person? We’ll ship everything you need to your chosen address. Got a remote workforce? We’ll send supplies individually to each participant. 

Benefits of Using Yaymaker for Intern Events

Choosing Yaymaker for your intern events comes with endless benefits:

  • Versatility: A wide range of activities suitable for diverse interests.
  • Customization: Tailor events to match your company's objectives, values and culture.
  • Seamless Integration: Adapts to in-person and virtual settings.
  • Professional Hosts: Experienced hosts lead Yaymaker events.
  • Memorable Experiences: Create lasting memories with unique and fun-filled activities.
  • Convenience: We handle everything from coordinating with hosts to managing logistics.
  • Positive Feedback: We consistently get praise from companies and participants.
  • Boost Team and Company Culture: We’re all about bringing people together, fostering collaboration and forming friendships.

How Planning An Event With Us Works

Two male friends playing with hand painted ukuleles from Yaymaker

Yaymaker is here to remove as much stress as possible that’s usually associated with event planning. You essentially tell us what you want, and we’ll make it happen!

  1. Tell us your goals, preferences and budget. 
  2. Choose from our activities and customization options. 
  3. Let us know what you’re after and if you have any special requests.
  4. We’ll plan and handle logistics.
  5. Enjoy your event, and hopefully, join us again soon!


Intern events are beneficial for fostering a positive company culture and nurturing future talent. Yaymaker offers a seamless and customizable solution that elevates intern events to new heights. By incorporating Yaymaker into your intern program, you ensure interns receive valuable experiences and leave a lasting impression that could lead to future employment opportunities.

So why wait? Take the next step in enhancing your intern program, and book with Yaymaker today. Let us help you create engaging and memorable intern events that leave a lasting impression on interns, company staff and your organization's future. Elevate your intern program with Yaymaker and make every moment count.


How far in advance do you need to start planning an intern event?

We ask for at least three weeks' notice, so we have time to ship supplies, etc. But we recommend planning as soon as possible to get ahead of the game and secure a host and date.

This goes for virtual events and in-person events.

Where's a suitable place to hold the event?

You can hold your event in any number of places, such as private dining rooms, office spaces, or online.

What do corporate event planners do?

If you're arranging a company event, our planners are like an extension of your team or company support partner. You can tell them precisely what you're after, and they'll make it happen. They'll liaise with vendors, book hosts and organize supplies and logistics.

How do I contact Yaymaker?

You can email groups@yaymaker.com, complete an intake form or call (855) 767-4270 and hit * 3.