10 Reasons Why It's Good To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

10 Reasons Why It's Good To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Many people say to go far in life, you need to leave your hometown.

When you enter a new environment, you open yourself up to new ideas, people, and stimuli that drive you to do better. In fact, a survey conducted among attendees of over 300 high school reunions even found that those who left home were more likely to be open-minded.

But that's not the only argument for why you should step out of your hometown—or, more generally, your comfort zone. Whether trying out a new hobby or applying for that job you aspire to have, there's a lot to be said for venturing out into the unknown.

You'll discover new things

By stepping out of your comfort zone, you can find beauty in things you've never tried before. So attempt something you find challenging, like painting or investing in the stock market for the first time.

It's like swimming in cold water: the first dip is always the hardest, but once you get used to it, you'll feel amazingly refreshed. Who knows? You might even find something you love.

You'll build new relationships

With this endless list of things to discover comes the wealth of people you're sure to meet in the process. You'll forge connections in unimaginable places and possibly stumble upon genuine friendships along the way. Who knows, you might even engage in a meet-cute with an attractive stranger!

You'll get more opportunities

Undeniably, trying new things means you have the chance to hone old skills and even learn new ones. As a result, you'll be giving yourself an edge career-wise.

And with all your new connections, the opportunities will arise outside work, as well. You'll find chances to do what you love and maybe make that passion your dream job, all while making your own mark on the world.

You'll push yourself to greater heights

Stepping out of your comfort zone means taking control of your self-development. After all, staying where you are and doing the same thing every day can only produce the same results. By breaking that cycle, you set yourself up to achieve exciting milestones, no matter how small.

For instance, if you quit smoking for a month, you'll be motivated to go further and extend that to a year, five years, and eventually, completely. Change is this world's only constant, so go with the flow and be pleasantly surprised by where you end up.

You'll be more resilient

Consequently, by giving yourself up to the wonders of change, you'll also be steeling yourself to handle all the uncertainties it can bring. This is crucial, especially today.

Building resilience by challenging ourselves equips us better to navigate difficult situations—whether that’s work, relationships, or a pandemic-stricken world. So be kind to yourself, and see how far that can take you.

Moreover, being resilient means that you'll cope better with failure and acknowledge it as part of the learning process. You'll also learn to use failure to put yourself a step closer to your goals—even Walt Disney was once fired for a "lack of imagination."

You'll work better

With more skills and resilience, you're bound to work better, too. A healthy dose of anxiety can actually condition you to perform better under pressure and stress and even help you be more productive. That being said, taking on a work project you're not 100% sure you can accomplish can actually do you good.

You'll be more confident

New skills and relationships? More opportunities? Increasing your resiliency and productivity? No wonder those who've stepped out of their comfort zone have reported feeling more confident. After all, with more experience—and the knowledge that you could power through them—there's nothing to be nervous about.

You'll be more creative

It's often said that creativity is born out of discomfort. Indeed, doing something new teaches you how to solve problems creatively. That's why many people see problem-solving as a requirement for success.

You'll be working your brain

Taking on new tasks and challenging your way of doing things acts as a form of mental exercise. You will make your brain stronger and healthier, preserving your higher mental faculties against the test of time.

You'll be doing it for you

Finally, don't let anyone pressure you into doing anything you don't want to do. After all, in trying new things, you'll be doing all the work, and you'll be doing it for your own benefit. So when you decide to leave your comfort zone, you'll be doing it for yourself and your happiness—not for anyone else.

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Article by Jacky Rose

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