5 Ideas for a Memorable Company Holiday Party

5 Ideas for a Memorable Company Holiday Party

According to a recent survey by e-vite, 75% of employees eagerly look forward to their Corporate holiday party. This year, throw a party your coworkers will rave about for months to come. You’ll be the party planner who gave them everything they wanted: a fun activity, a social atmosphere, and a memory to take home (other than a hangover). Below are the top five creative holiday parties Yaymaker offers. The best part? They’re fully customizable to fit your corporate holiday party needs.

1. The Original Paint Nite

Paint Nite events are always a big hit with employees of all ages and painting abilities. Choose a painting from our extensive library or commission a custom painting for a small fee.

An event host takes employees through the painting step-by-step and offers advice to individuals along with some lighthearted entertainment. Time is provided between steps of the painting to ensure that your colleagues get the chance to socialize, grab something to eat and drink, and walk around to see other canvases.

At the end of the night, each guest takes home their canvas as a reminder of the holiday party they’re sure to be talking about for months, or even years, to come.

2. Collaborative Canvas

Take a break from work to work together and create a single oversized masterpiece. Each canvas is just one piece of a multi-canvas display of yay. So forget “communication exercises”—if you really want to see people collaborate, put a brush in their hand and ask them to create something together. No matter their experience, everyone gets to be a part of the end result.

This event is perfect for encouraging colleagues to work together to create something they’ll all enjoy at the end. The finished painting can be hung in your workspace as a celebration of teamwork.

3. Plant Nite

Did you know that having plants in your office space increases productivity and reduces stress? What better way to promote a healthy work environment than to plan a Plant Nite event by Yaymaker for your corporate holiday party!

Your event host arrives prepared with a range of succulents to choose from, planters of your choice, and decorations customize the look. Guests are provided with information about how to care for their new office greenery while getting a little dirty in this hands-on experience. And best of all, no matter how messy things get, your event host has the clean up covered.

4. Design a Sign

Design a Sign events are another form of painting event with an interactive component. Guests choose their design ahead of the event and are presented with their chosen stencil at the start of the event. The host guides your crew through customizing the background of their sign, applying the stencil, mixing colors, and customizing the design.

There are hundreds of stencils for your guests to choose from, and they’re all categorized to make them easy to find. They range from animals and objects to funny or inspirational quotes. Some of them are even customizable with map coordinates of your guests’ favorite destinations!

5. Candle Maker

Most of us dread receiving yet another candle as a holiday gift but our Candle Maker corporate events give your guests the opportunity to create anything but the ordinary candle. Your colleagues choose from a wide range of scents, mixing their favorites to produce a new scent. After mixing and allowing their candles to dry, the customizing begins! Equipped with stickers, twine, ribbons, charms, glitter, and many other decorations, your colleagues can personalize their candles and name their custom scents. Each of your guests take home 3 candles to either gift to others or keep for themselves.

Party planning can be difficult and stressful but our Private Event Coordinators are here to help! From finding a venue, choosing a project, and doing all of the setup and clean up, we can help you bring all of the fun of a holiday bash without the headache. To get started, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page and a Private Events Coordinator will take the reins.