Become a Local Partner, own your own business

Become one of our trusted Local partners and organize Yaymaker Events in your area. As a small business owner, you’re in total control of your earning potential.

The Local Partner Life

  • Take charge

    This isn’t a side project. This is a business. Build a team and make decisions on the direction you want to take.

  • Learn fast

    The more you do, the more you’ll know. And there will be plenty for you to do. Become a better business owner and leader as you create your own thriving enterprise.

  • Impact others

    Inspire the people in your community to get together and create. Deliver one-of-a-kind experiences that leave them looking forward to the next one.

  • Connect

    Being in charge doesn’t mean being alone. There are others just like you—go-getters who run their own businesses. Get in touch and share ideas with other like-minded Local Partners.

Every day is a new yay

What you do is up to you. Start your small business from the ground up, and build into something you’re proud of.

  • Use that personal touch and build relationships with local business partners and add to your empire.
  • Network. Introduce yourself. Get social with your media. Take the lead on marketing and selling your business.
  • You’re an event planner, organizer, and executive. Oversee it all from soup to nuts and find new ways to improve.
  • Create creativity in your own community. Your events give people the chance to make their own yay.
  • You’re a licensed business owner, not a franchisee. No big fees, just lots of yay. And, the chance to starting building and earning as soon as you start.

Why Yaymaker?

  • The platform

    You will have cutting edge tools and technology to run your events, monitor your business, and manage your staff.

  • The support

    But you’re not on your own. You’re part of an entire community of other yay-minded entrepreneurs with total access to our awesome infrastructure for home office support.

  • The money

    You’re in the business of creativity and business is good. Earn on every event you run. And run as many as you can handle.

What you get when you become a Yaymaker Local Partner

  • A Customer Service team working behind the scenes seven days a week
  • A support team dedicated to assisting Local Partners like you in your region and locale
  • In-depth training to help launch your business the correct way
  • Access to our website, which is optimized to host and sell your events
  • A reason to say yay to the workday
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Local Partners say

“I’ve learned to run a business, be my own boss and a boss to other people, and I’ve learned to communicate with venues and other licensees—it just goes on and on!”

Jessica, Texas

Sound like fun?

We think so, too. Apply today, and hear back tomorrow—within 24 hours. You’ll find out we’re great communicators and we love to create together.

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