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Yaymaker is the platform that brings people together around the world to escape the expected and share in fun, creative experiences. We’re powered by hundreds of people like you who are passionate about hosting amazing creative events and building relationships.

Why join Yaymaker?

  • Run your business

    Being creative is your passion, so why not share it with others? Turn your hobby into a side business and start your own movement. Build your business your way with a flexible schedule allowing you freedom to be yourself.

  • We've got your back

    You’re not alone when you work with Yaymaker. We help you with the resources you need to succeed, such as training, setting up your business, customer service and a community of other local business owners.

  • Impact your neighborhood

    Be the person who will bring back human connection, and creativity, into your community through creative experiences. Be the one who makes a positive impact on the world around you in your neighborhood. Join our platform today!

Joining us just
makes cents

Doing what you love is now profitable. All you have to do is just be yourself, be creative, share your passion, and start your own business today.

You can earn anywhere between $400-$800 per event. Not too bad for a fun night out!

Only do what you love

We’ve got plenty of events to choose from- and you’re welcome to try and tackle them all. But all you have to do is one. Pick your favorite event! What was the nite that made your whole week memorable? You can create that same experience for the people in your community-and make money while you do it.

  • Paint Nite®

    Unleash your inner artist as you go from blank canvas to masterpeice

  • Plant Nite®

    Cultivate your creativity with mini Zen gardens, succulent arrangements and terrariums.

  • Design a Sign

    Style, stencil and personalize your own decorative sign made with real wood.

  • Candle Maker

    Craft custom soy-based wax candles, perfect for trading, gifting or holding onto.

  • Flower Workshop

    Learn to build your own beautiful bouquet using fresh seasonal flowers.

  • All Ages

    Perfect for spending a family night out together and unplugged.

  • Coming Soon

    Create a Ukulele

    Channel your inner musician and craftsman as you build your uke and learn a song.

  • Coming Soon

    Make a Mosaic

    Create your own one-of-kind coasters and trivets using colored tiles.

Hear from our amazing community

We can talk until we’re blue in the face about the benefits of running your own business, but don’t just take our word for it. Hear from some of our people who are doing what they love in their own way.

  • Tammy

    New York

    You really grow as an individual when you teach your craft... Its all perspective and appreciating everyone putting it together

  • Mike


    I love Yaymaker because I see peoples faces light up when they create something they never dreamed they could do.

  • Ashley


    I always dreamed of owning my own business. Now it’s almost my 6-year anniversary hosting events in Minneapolis/St. Paul! I’ve employed over 30+ local artists and brought creativity & art to my community. There is no better feeling than that!

We think so, too. Apply today
and hear back tomorrow- within 24 hours. You’ll find out we’re great communicators and we love to create together.