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We just took all of the work out of hosting creative events in your venue.

Bring new guests in to your venue

At Yaymaker, we:

Match the best creative hosts with inviting local spaces

Bring people together
to share in feel-good events

Create joyful experiences for over 2 million people every year

5,000 venues each month

Created with ease in mind

Our Experiences were created to be portable—and our hosts are trained to be flexible. Our event hosts are responsible for transporting all supplies to and from your venue, as well as setting up prior to your event and breaking down after it ends. Our hosts conform to your rules and expectations—and we always keep close tabs on your satisfaction. No mess, no stress!

Marketing that pays YOU

Our unique teamwork approach to events allows us to combine marketing efforts. Your venue images, logo, and general information are seen by thousands of targeted customers. Even if they never attend a Yaymaker event, they discover who and where you are, and know you are active in the community and place that supports the things you love.

Events introduce NEW customers to you

Our events average 23 customers and more than 74% of them are new to your venue. These are local people, and they are typically affluent and highly social—they want to find new places. Typically they’ll order a cocktail or a glass of wine and food if it’s available. We cover the cost of the host as well as the supplies, so the revenue is all yours. You continue to simply focus on what you do best. If you do it well, guests will return for more—and bring more friends.

Host on your terms

Schedule events when it makes the most sense for you. We start promoting events a minimum of 4 weeks in advance, so we do ask for a commitment as far in advance as possible (and a promise to stick with that commitment). But other than that—you decide when and how often you want to host events. Whether it’s once a week or just a few times a year—we leave it up to you.

  • Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill

    Scott, Manager

    These guys take care of everything all on their own. They come in, they set everything up, they break it all down, they bring their clients right to my door.

  • Tavern in the Square

    Marc, Manager

    People are constantly asking when the next Paint Nite will be. Facebook messages, Instagram posts, Twitter accounts, you name it.

  • Old Texas Brewing Company

    Jamie, General Manager

    People just don’t like to come out and dine. They’re looking for an experience, so if you can create an experience that creates memories with food and drink, it’s a win-win for everybody.

What to Expect

Easy customer acquisition

We don’t think of ourselves as an activity company. Partnering with Yaymaker is really about partnering with a marketing company. Our events introduce new people to your venue—to your food, your drinks, and your atmosphere. If you have a great venue that people like, the word spreads fast.

Free multi-channel marketing

We have millions of socially active people in our immediate network—ones who love a good night on the town. We have thousands of Facebook followers near you. Our events travel well on social, and they are tagged, retweeted, and posted to Insta stories.

Activities work—science says so

Sharing an experience with friends amplifies the emotions related to that experience. But don’t take our word for it—there's a study that proves it (and spoiler alert: they also find that chocolate taste better when tasting with others). Offering engaging, fun activities in your venue can help form a deeper connection with the people who attend—and help form real roots in your community.

Tickets sold per day


Events each year


Email Reach

2.5 Million

Let Yaymaker Help with Private Events

  • An easy way to fill your venue on more nights with larger groups
  • Add Yaymaker events to your current Private Events offerings
  • Or sign on as a Private Events only venue

Choose the Experience that's Right for You & Your Space.

We offer many different experiences that people love. Host only your favorite, or try them all!

Paint Nite

Our flagship Experience! Guests unleash their inner artist over the course of 2 hours. Create a painting on canvas, liven up a wine glass, or turn a bag into a piece of art.

Plant Nite

Guests create personal terrariums and table-top gardens, using succulents, herbs, air plants, and cacti.

Design a Sign

Guests build a custom piece of wall art to showcase their personal style.

Candle Maker

Guests craft an artisanal candle using soy-based wax, essential oils, and unique decorative elements.

Flower Workshop

Guest make a fresh floral arrangement, using a selection of seasonally inspired flowers.

All Ages

These events are held at kid-friendly times and in venues that are less "adult."

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