Holiday Party Theme Ideas Your Team Will Love!

Holiday Party Theme Ideas Your Team Will Love!

Thinking of the perfect theme for your annual staff party is kind of a big deal. But don't let the pressure get to you—the Yaymaker elves are here to help. After planning thousands of events, we're full of holiday party ideas, and you're more than welcome to steal them.

We're sharing eight of our favorite holiday/Christmas themes for work today. But honestly, we could go on, so give our team a shout if you'd like to bounce around some more!

Yaymaker's Top Holiday Party Themes for Work


Crafts are not only for children—they can be enjoyed by all ages and skill sets. Our top picks for the holiday season include wreath-making and festive paint and sip parties.

A creative holiday celebration is the perfect annual party idea for many reasons:

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Game Show

Want to break barriers and get your group laughing together? Staging a game show is perfect for just that! And we happen to have the perfect one in mind: Winning Opinions.

Winning Opinions is Yaymaker's very own game show, where contestants battle over light-hearted topics that split the nation. For example, "Which is the most popular flavored Ben & Jerry's ice cream?"

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You've probably eaten at a restaurant for your office holiday party, but how about a celebration where you can learn to make food and drinks more delicious than anything you could buy?

Whether you learn to make well-known dishes or an international menu, a cooking class is fantastic for gaining confidence in the kitchen—and those skills come in clutch at this time of the year.

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Around The World

Celebrate the cultural diversity in your workplace with a theme that helps you form bonds like no other. Whether someone is from a different town, state, or even another country, it's fascinating to learn about other cultures and understand how they've influenced those around you.

Inclusive ideas for your holiday party could include:

  • Encouraging employees to wear traditional clothing
  • Mixed decorations celebrating all the different holidays
  • A potluck for everyone to share their favorite foods
  • Fun and games, e.g., The Virtual Amazing Race Around the World

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Have you always wanted to try wine tasting but never gotten around to it? Now's the time! But that's not the only taster option—you can also try whiskey, chocolate, or even water tasting (yes, it is a thing).

It's the perfect Christmas party idea because it encourages people to talk with one another, and you come out with a skill for life!

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Las Vegas-Themed Party

The last couple of years has involved a lot of canceled events and staying home, which means we haven't had many opportunities to dress up. For this holiday corporate party idea, we invite you to pull out your glad rags and show them the appreciation they deserve!

BUT...The dress code is just the start of the fun—you need entertainment too. For example, casino games like Blackjack, Ultimate Texas Hold 'em, Craps, Roulette, Let it Ride, Three Card Poker, or a combination of them all.

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Winter Getaway

Whether you hire a log cabin, decorate your office, or host a virtual getaway, your employees are sure to love this corporate holiday idea. Picture fireside chats, enjoying hot cocoa, roasting marshmallows, and all the dreamy log cabin feels. You could even wear winter pajamas or have an ugly Christmas sweater party!

Now for the cherry on the cake: How about making your own candles, creating wreaths, hot chocolate bombs, or finger-knitting chunky blankets?

By the end of the event, your team will be super chilled and closer than ever.

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Winter Retreat

For our final office party idea, we suggest a much-needed stress reliever and an overall inspiring experience that will make you rejuvenated for the year ahead.

You could opt for a motivational speaker, move your body with some gentle yoga, or organize a mixture of activities that help the mind, body, and soul.

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For more company holiday party themes and ideas, speak with Yaymaker's Private Events Team and check out our holiday events packages.