How Employers Can Show Appreciation at Thanksgiving

How Employers Can Show Appreciation at Thanksgiving
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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, now is a great time to show gratitude for your team members. Here are some easy ways to show employee appreciation at Thanksgiving and throughout the rest of the year.

Why Is It Important to Show Employee Appreciation?

Many employers are finding it harder than ever to find and keep employees, and a lack of appreciation might be to blame. According to a recent study, nearly 80% of people who quit their jobs cite a lack of appreciation from their superiors as their main reason for leaving.

Showing your employees appreciation is crucial for cultivating a positive work environment and improving employee engagement. Employees who feel appreciated, recognized, and respected are much less likely to jump ship.

How to Show Your Appreciation This Thanksgiving

If you're looking for good ways to show your appreciation and gratitude, try these Thanksgiving employee appreciation ideas.

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Grant Extra Time Off

No matter what kind of organization you run, a long weekend is at the top of every employee's wish list. Giving employees an extra day off is a simple act that pays off big when it comes to employee appreciation and satisfaction.

Buy Turkeys for All Your Staff Members

For most people, turkey is what really makes Thanksgiving feel like Thanksgiving. You can show your appreciation by taking care of this big-ticket item for your employees' Thanksgiving feasts this year.

Make sure to offer a vegan and vegetarian alternative, too—that extra care and attention will really mean a lot. There are tons of options now in the fridges and freezers at the grocery store, for example, a fake joint.

Plan a Fun Holiday Party for Your Team

Before Thanksgiving break, throw a family-friendly holiday party and encourage employees to bring their partners and kids for a night of fall-themed fun and games. Set out plenty of snacks and drinks and consider giving out awards to boost morale further.

Don't Forget to Include Remote Workers

If you have remote team members, don't forget to make them feel included and appreciated, too. Virtual events — such as virtual game nights — are a fun way to get remote staff members involved. But even something as simple as a handwritten note and personalized gift basket can show how much you appreciate their efforts.

How Can You Express Gratitude on a Daily Basis?

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It's important to show your team members that you appreciate them all year long, not just during the holiday season. You can do this by:

  • Hosting monthly parties and team-building activities
  • Establishing a reward system
  • Setting out snacks in the break room
  • Celebrating every birthday
  • Creating a gratitude wall
  • Recognizing success

When in doubt, ask your employees for their input on how you can show your appreciation. This simple act already shows you respect and value their opinion, but it also gives you direct insight into how they'd like to be recognized and rewarded.

Let Us Help Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated

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