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Kaydee "Pickle" Wertz

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Local artist and Roanoke native Kaydee Pickle (Wertz), is always adding plenty of color! Her favorite is purple, but she pledges unending allegiance to the whole rainbow! Before the age of four, she began cultivating skills toward creating a life of Art. Receiving countless awards and 1st place honors throughout her school years, Kaydee now naturally thrives in a wide spectrum of artistry. Her passion is poured into both 2 and 3 dimensional artwork such as murals, interactive installations, landscape and portrait paintings, sculpture, collage work, card making, restoration and concept pieces, as well as event aesthetics. This range is accomplished with her knowledgable utilization of a wide variey of mixed-media. Kaydee has also served as the Art Director behind the region's beloved Happiness and Harmony Music and Arts Festival for it's duration, and continues to work within a troop of local female artists, known as "the Heartists". She is especially joyful about sharing a piece of art with everyone at Roanoke's PaintNite!!


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Verified Paint Nite Guest

She was good. We really enjoyed it

Verified Paint Nite Guest

She easily laid out the steps and kept us smiling with fun jokes the whole time!

Verified Paint Nite Guest

PIckle is a fabulous host and artist! It was my first event with Yaymaker, mostly because I do not drive at night. So, the virtual class was perfect for me. It was a very relaxing two hours and Pickle's personality is winsome. I also appreciated her knowle

Verified Drawing/Sketching Guest


Verified Drawing/Sketching Guest

She was awesome!! She explained everything well and went at a great pace. It was really fun to try a portrait versus a painting. I hope she has more classes!!