Flower Workshop: build a beautiful bouquet


Gather your best buds together to make any day a yay day with a fresh flower arrangement. Our talented floral designers will guide you through the steps to make a beautiful and balanced bouquet using a selection of curated, seasonally inspired, fresh-cut flowers.

What you're making

An eye-catching centerpiece to take home or liven up your workspace. And the chance to do it again and again after learning how.

Great for

  • Anyone wanting to bring in the outdoors
  • Groups that love to host and hold their own events
  • Coworkers that need brightening up

How it works

Once you choose a date, we’ll work together to find the perfect location. We’re happy to come to your home or office, suggest venues in your area, or check out a venue you’d like to use. Once we've secured the spot, we'll connect you directly with their contact to arrange food and beverage.

With the location locked down, you’ll choose your project and we’ll schedule one of our amazingly talented hosts just for you. We’ll also check in as we get closer to the event to reconfirm all the details. All you have to do day-of is show up and have fun! Your host will have everything you need—fresh-cut flowers, clippers, vases, aprons, and more.


If you’re using an outside venue, we'll connect you directly with their contact to arrange food and beverage.

If we’re bringing the party to you, keep in mind that each person needs about 2ft of space at the table. Well-lit spaces without any obstructions work best. You want everyone to be able to see their arrangement and the host!

Want to learn more?

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