Halloween Party Ideas Your Team Will LOVE

Run, don't walk to boooo-k these creative Halloween party ideas for your office!

Halloween Party Ideas Your Team Will LOVE
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As Halloween approaches, now is the perfect time to plan a killer office Halloween party. Whether you're in charge of a small team or a large organization, a Halloween party is a great way to cut loose, have fun, boost overall morale, and break up the typical monotony of office work.

10 Spooktacular Corporate Halloween Party Ideas

If you're going to throw a Halloween party, it's important to make it fun and engaging to encourage employees to participate. Setting out apple cider and Halloween decorations is a good start, but stopping there won't cut it in 2022.

Keep reading to learn 10 fun ways to celebrate Halloween at work with Yaymaker. Feel free to mix and match these office Halloween party ideas to create the perfect event for your team members.

1. Virtual Murder Mystery Party

Get in the Halloween spirit with a spooky murder mystery party. Can your team find out "whodunit" before it's too late?

The Office TV show - there's been a murder GIF

2. Scavenger Hunt

Go head to head in teams to find the most items before time runs out in this exciting virtual scavenger hunt.

Simpsons GIF - the hunt is on

3. Halloween-Themed Paint Night

For a hands-on, collaborative party put on your best Halloween costumes and make an artistic masterpiece to hang in the office.

Wednesday Adams using a paint roller on a canvas

4. Sample Snacks with a Spooky Twist

Take trick or treating to the next level with these "magic berries" that trick your taste buds. There will also be games and laugh-out-loud entertainment.

Girl looking confused at what she's eating - GIF

5. Make Your Own Delectable Treats

Try your hand at DIY chocolate making with these Halloween-themed Brazilian truffles. You'll learn everything from mixing flavors to decorating your chocolates like a pro.

GIF showing how to make truffles

6. Craft Fun Halloween Cocktails

Learn how to craft irresistible cocktails – or mocktails – with a hands-on mixology workshop. All with a seasonal twist!

Smoky Halloween cocktails

7. Trivia Halloween Party

How much do you really know about Halloween? Find out with a themed trivia night. To memorialize the night, add a photo booth for your guests and award prizes for the best costumes.

Always free for trivia night GIF

8. Team-Building Game Night

Wear costumes and break out the fake spiderwebs and old-school party games like Pictionary for a night of team-building fun and games.

Take it up a notch by hosting a pumpkin carving contest, too!

Saw GIF - Let the game begin

9. Celebrate Halloween with a Digital Escape Room

Nothing says "Halloween" like an escape room. Solve challenging puzzles and riddles as a team to escape before time runs out.

South Park GIF - the gang in an escape room

10. Keep It Classy with a Charcuterie Board

No matter what kind of party you throw, good snacks are vital. A charcuterie board decked out with crackers, cheeses, nuts, and fruit has a little something for everybody and puts the finishing touch on any Halloween or costume party.

Charcuterie board being placed down on a table GIF

Bonus Ideas for Your Halloween Event


A costume contest is a welcomed addition to any Halloween office activity. Whether you provide a theme or leave it open to your employees is up to you.


Another fun idea is to transform your break room (or whole office) into a haunted house with fake spider webs, plastic pumpkins and spooky decorations. Your employees will LOVE it!


It's a big one, so we don't mind saying twice…every office event needs food and drinks. Even if it's not at the center of your Halloween activities, your employees will 100% appreciate it. Anything pumpkin spice is always a win!

Don't Forget Your Remote Workers!

Remember to include your remote employees just as much as your in-office staff. Every Halloween party idea above is available virtually, and we have food and drink baskets your party planner can assist with too.

Pull Off the Perfect Party with Full-Service Event Planning

Pulling off the perfect party comes down to careful planning and details. But there's no reason to burden your in-office party planning committee when you can turn to Yaymaker's event planners instead.

At Yaymaker, we ship everything you need for your office party directly to your entire team. We offer over 100 unique events and activities that you can customize to meet your group's needs or to match your Halloween theme.

Contact us today to start planning your Halloween celebration, office party or corporate event.

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